Jennifer Hankey, Atlanta’s eco-friendly services expert, launched the Green Queen after educating locals about the dangers of chemicals in everyday products since 2010. Hankey’s passion for natural living was emphasized even more when her own daughter was born with 19 food allergies and severe eczema in 2011.

With no family history and desperate to find an answer, Hankey began to investigate how environmental factors are linked to the increasing frequency of conditions in children. She was shocked to learn that 54 percent of children are now facing a chronic condition, 12 percent have asthma, and 13 percent have food allergies. Armed with knowledge of how many chemicals lurk undetected in homes, Hankey was determined to not only to change the environment in her own home, but the environment for all children and families in Atlanta.

With that in mind, Hankey founded the Green Queen to provide an affordable, non-toxic home and pest control services option compared to all the traditional, chemical-ridden services offered in Atlanta today. From busy moms, to pet-lovers, to environmental advocates, everyone in Atlanta needs a one-stop-shop for non-toxic services. You need a dependable company that helps you impact the health of your family in a positive and meaningful way. The Green Queen handles all your non-toxic services including cleaning, pest control, mosquito, termite and turf care needs. This allows you the ease of working with one company dedicated to eco-friendly services. Everyone at the Green Queen - from the administration, to the technicians, to the staff - are dedicated to creating healthier communities in Atlanta… one home at a time.

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As an avid researcher and teacher in the field of toxins and their effects on children, she’s educated thousands of parents, teachers and professionals about the dangers of chemicals in everyday products. Hankey uses her knowledge and working relationships with sustainable, health-conscious companies to provide eco-friendly services and solutions for schools on a budget. Healthy Green Schools was launched specifically to provide "green" education to teachers, administrators and parents and to help all Atlanta schools remove toxic chemicals affordably.

In June 2015, Hankey discovered although she was recommending healthy, non-toxic services options for parents, there was a gap in the market for companies that didn't "cheat" in the fields of eco-friendly services such as cleaning, pest control, mosquito spraying and turf care. In order to provide these critical non-toxic home cleaning services, and to offer a truly healthy home, Hankey started the Green Queen. The company now serves a large swath of customers in Atlanta and the surrounding metro neighborhoods.

Hankey has a been featured in the Atlanta press, including many TV stations featuring the topic of toxic chemicals, general health, and eco-friendly services. She’s a regular guest on a natural lifestyle segment on NBC’s Atlanta & Company talk show. She’s also been interviewed by a variety of Atlanta health and wellness, as well as national and local interest, magazines such as Mother Earth Living, Simply Buckhead, and Best Self Magazine. In addition, Hankey has been a national blogger on environmentally and non-toxic services focused websites such as Safer Chemicals Healthy Families. Hankey regularly speaks to large schools, at national conventions and to mothers’ groups. 

As the mother of two young girls, Hankey’s passions and personal convictions about protecting all children from the damaging effects of everyday chemicals led her to create a nationwide movement with Green Queen in order to give every child the opportunity to live in a healthy home environment.

Jennifer Hankey, M.Ed, is the President and CEO of the Green Queen, non-toxic home and pest control services. In 2012, Hankey launched Healthy Green Schools, an educational program to transform Atlanta schools into safer, healthier and more sustainable environments for children and staff. 

Jennifer Hankey

President & CEO

Traditional home cleaning services use harmful chemicals proven by countless medical studies to harm to health of adults, children and pets. These chemicals have the potential to trigger allergic reactions, lead to cancer, disrupt your hormones, and affect normal brain functions. No thanks. That’s where the Green Queen comes in.                                                                                                                              
We’ve done extensive research to create organic, eco-friendly products to use in our non-toxic home cleaning services. These products cut out the use of traditional chemicals by more than 50 percent. You’ll always get the best eco-friendly services for the lowest price in the Atlanta area with the Green Queen.

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