7 Non-Toxic Baby Products Perfect For Your Little One

Did you know the nursery is the most toxic room in your house? That’s the bad news.

But the good news is by making simple choices, you can make it the least toxic room in your house. We get it, there are so many baby products on the market today… you might feel confused and overwhelmed trying to pick out which are the best ones.

We’ve got you covered with 7 non-toxic baby products perfect for your little one.

1 – Sound Sleeping Products

Happy Mango has an abundance of organic products perfect for your little one. Their cribs are made from real wood and non-toxic paint. So if your baby chews on the crib, you don’t have to worry about paint poisoning.

2 – Marvelous Mattress

Since babies sleep almost all day, it’s crucial you buy a good mattress to support their growing bodies.

NaturePedic is an natural mattress and bedding company. Its baby mattresses last 7 years, so it’s a great investment. NaturePedic also produces organic baby throws and blankets, so you can get everything you need to make your baby comfortable and safe while sleeping.

3 – Foolproof Flooring

Soft tiles is a foam flooring that prevents kids from hurting themselves when they fall and crawl on them. But most people don’t realize they’re typically made with high levels of lead and various heavy metals.

Fear not! There are many options for this fun, modular flooring that are completely safe for your child. When you go to purchase flooring at any store, ask for the non-toxic version.

4 – Pristine Paint

Even if the new-paint smell is gone, doesn’t mean the toxins are, too. Studies have found 50 percent of gases from new paint are still present up to 18 months later. And just because you get the no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint, there’s still a chance VOCs are present in the coloring.

Lullaby Paints is 100 percent non-toxic, so it’s perfect to use in the nursery. This paint brand also carries chalkboard paint if you want extra fun.

5 – Complete Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning in the nursery, you want to make sure you’re using safe, chemical-free products. CleanSmart is so non-toxic you could almost drink it. It offers pacifier sanitizer and toy disinfectant that kill 99.9 percent of germs.

GreenShield Organic offers an organic laundry detergent specially made for your baby’s sensitive skin.

These products aren’t harsh, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your baby’s surroundings fresh and clean. They can be bought either online or in stores.

6 – Wonderful Wipes and Diapers

Baby’s skin is thin and tends to absorb any chemicals you put on it. WaterWipes puts only two ingredients into its baby wipes – water and grape seed oil. These are great for wiping little bottoms and can even be used for cleaning hands and faces.

Most diapers are made with a harmful chemical called 1,4-Dioxane and also chlorine. Bamboo Nature offers chemical-free diapers, and is great for the environment, too.

7 – Pleasant Pampering

Babies don’t need or use as many body products as adults do. So get one small kit from Earth Mama. A Little Something For Baby kit has bottom balm, body wash & shampoo, lotion and oil all made for a baby’s skin.

These creams and lotions will heal every cut, scrape and rash, just like grandma’s spit! Completely non-toxic and can be found at our favorite healthy market, Nuts ‘n Berries.

Conclusion: Treat Your Little One Right

We hope our list will help you in your search for the perfect non-toxic baby products. Just some smart, easy choices is all it takes to make sure your child is safe and sound from chemicals and toxins.

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