3 Shocking Reasons To Switch to Non-Toxic Home and Lawn Care Services

You often hear how chemicals can impact your health and the environment, but what if we told you how to easily reduce the amount of toxins you’re exposed to?

The best part is, it doesn’t cost you any more than the traditional alternatives.

Here are 3 jaw-dropping reasons to switch to non-toxic home and lawn care services today.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

In the past 50 years, 80,000 chemicals have been created and disbursed into our environment. Now here’s the shocking part: Less than 200 have ever been tested for safety and only five have been regulated or banned.

Essentially, we’re all science experiments!

According to the Environmental Working Group, pesticide exposure has been linked to adverse birth outcomes, causing 54 percent of children to be born with a chronic condition. Chemicals are something we should be concerned about when it comes to the safety of our family.

In Real Life

Our founder and CEO Jennifer Hankey decided to go green for one big reason: her daughter.

Jennifer’s daughter was born with a severe case of eczema. As it turned out, she had 19 foods she has a negative reaction to and 6 foods she’s allergic to.

Jennifer did some research and found out the chemicals she was using in her house were the reason for her daughter’s sickness. This opened her eyes and inspired her to create The Green Queen.

The Green Difference

The Green Queen specializes in green cleaning and lawn care – pest control, mosquito spraying, turf care, and home cleaning – to help those who want to switch to a non-toxic lifestyle.

Unlike other home services, we don’t use the traditional, harmful chemicals.

BUT our quality and prices are comparable to the competition.

Conclusion: Make The Green Choice

We hope we’ve inspired you to make some switches in your house to help protect your family and the environment from harmful chemicals and toxins.

If you find you have questions or would like to schedule a service, just reach out and we’ll help you get on your way to a healthier, safer life.

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