Avoid These 4 Non Eco-Friendly School Supplies At All Costs

Back-to-school season is here and that means stocking up on schools supplies – for your kids and for their classrooms!

Cleaning supplies are a common ask from teachers, but before you stock up on these essentials, it’s important to understand just how dangerous these products are.

Avoid these 4 non eco-friendly school supplies at all costs and try a greener, safer option.

1 – Disinfectant Wipes

Opt for eco-friendly, chemical-free disinfecting wipes.

A recent study found the chemicals in disinfecting wipes are linked to infertility in women.

And another study found by the time you’re 34, use of disinfecting wipes has the same effect as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

There are plenty of eco-friendly, chemical-free options when it comes to disinfecting wipes… and all school supplies you’re sending back with your kiddos. Look at the packaging on your cleaning supplies and avoid these ingredients:

Avoid these disinfectant ingredients.

Instead of exposing yourself, your kids, and students and teachers to chemicals, you can choose healthier options! Best of all, most major grocery stores and warehouse brands carry these alternatives now.

2 – Hand Sanitizers + Hand Soaps

It’s the number one supply for school and home… hand sanitizers and hand soaps. That’s why it’s so important to know what to avoid and what to use instead:

Avoid these non eco-friendly hand sanitizer ingredients.

As an alternative to traditional hand sanitizers and soaps that are full of chemicals, opt for anything made with coconut oil or that’s coconut derived.

Why all the oil alternatives? Certain oils have strong disinfectant qualities, which is why they can be used for cleaning!

Avoid these hand soap ingredients.

Pro tip: Avoid soap with “orange” in it. Most brands tout it as antibacterial, but the CDC has proven it’s no better than good old soap and water. It’s actually worse for people, as it gets into the water supply and leads to the creation of drug-resistant bacteria.

3 – Fragrances

We can’t emphasize enough how bad fragrances are for you. When you spray any kind of cleaning product or fragrance in the air, you – and anyone standing close to you – breathe it in. The chemicals in those fragrances then cause harmful effects to your lungs.

The nuts and bolts? Stop spraying things into the air unnecessarily!

Avoid these fragrance ingredients.

One type of fragrance you probably don’t think about is a plugin. Not only are plugins releasing chemical-filled fragrances, they’re also a fire hazard. In fact, many schools have banned them for just that reason. Instead, opt for essential oil diffusers in stinky classrooms.

Pro tip: Don’t use reeds! Most of the time they’re dipped in synthetic oils, which again, cause bad things to happen to your body.

4 – Paper Goods

Did you know that most of our simple paper goods are made from the best trees out there? It’s true… so it’s important to opt for recycled paper goods. They’re much more widely available at grocery stores and big brand warehouse stores then they’ve ever been. And if you shop different and ask for these recycled items, stores will follow suite.

Conclusion: Get Eco-Friendly School Supplies

When shopping for eco-friendly school supplies, there’s a label by the government called Safer Choice you should look for. These are all-natural options put in place that help you avoid chemical-filled products and choose organic ones.

If you need non-toxic cleaning, pest control, turf and lawn care or mosquito spraying, we can help with that. Just reach out!

And make sure to watch our CEO Jennifer Hankey on Atlanta + Co sharing green tips for cleaning and school supplies:

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