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Baking Soda: The Eco-Friendly Super Mild Abrasive

As more Americans struggle with more health issues, people are looking for nontoxic options for cleaning their home. Many chemicals in traditional cleaners have been linked to a long list of health issues including cancer and asthma. A quick and easy switch can lead to cleaner and healthier air and less worry about your pets and people.

We get questions all the time about the ingredients in our products and what eco-friendly ingredients truly work. This is our new blog series on the different ingredients used in organic, green cleaning and how it works! When done correctly, as Green Queen does, the service works fantastic and will keep you sparkling while protecting your home and the planet from toxic chemicals!

Our second powerhouse ingredient we use at Green Queen is baking soda. Baking soda is the go-to natural ingredient when you are looking for a cleaning product with more elbow grease and a super mild abrasive effect!  

How to use:

  • In the bathroom showers! The mold and mildew is always a tough area to go and stay green. Adding some baking soda to vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and using a brush can really help those stubborn areas.
  • In the sink. Yucky food stains and debris can be tough to clean organically. Use a little baking soda can help these areas.
  • Laundry. My first line of attacks with oil or greasy stains is to wet and add a little baking soda and let it sit. The baking soda draws out the grease and breaks it up, then laundering as usual. Works like a charm!

Be Mindful:

  • Be sure that the area is not susceptible to scratching. Always test a small area first or contact the manufacturer before using.
  • Baking soda can be very drying so be sure to wash well after use.

In conclusion baking soda is a great starting point for your eco-friendly, green, organic pest cleaning needs. It is great to add to your cleaning program in between our services to stay green. How do you use baking soda in your home or office?

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